Working to enhance the lives and hopes of children.

The Charity Ball Association’s mission is simple: to support and enhance the lives and opportunities of the children of Bexar County.

Its impact has been great: distribution of $27,000,000 to nonprofit agencies that provide services to children.


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Charitable Beneficiaries

Meet this year’s Charitable Beneficiaries who are committed to improving the lives of the children of San Antonio.

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Grant selection process

The Charity Ball Association selects annual Charitable Beneficiaries through a carefully researched vetting process.

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What we Do

Enhancing children's quality of life through generosity and advocacy

The Charity Ball Association makes a difference by providing direct financial support to those in need, by way of a rigorous grant selection process — comprised of financial, leadership and program review, site visits and evaluative follow-up after the money is distributed to assure compliance with all grant requirements.


CBA’s “unparalleled passion and dedication has transformed hundreds of thousands of tiny lives, with countless more to come.”

Shannon Gilliland Nesbit, Family Service Association

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Charity Ball Association Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Announcing our 70th Anniversary logo! This year is Charity Ball Association’s 70th Anniversary, and to mark the significant milestone a commemorative anniversary logo was created. From 1954 to 2024, CBA has raised over $27 million

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2023 CBA Funding Delivery Day

We enjoyed delivering CBA grants to the 19 agencies selected for 2023! This year, the selected agencies received their checks in-person and our team of members were thrilled to surprise all of the wonderful agencies.