Children's Book

The Charity Ball Children's Book

Children's Book Participants

The Charity Ball Association has celebrated children, recognized our contributors and featured nonprofit grantees in the pages of the Children’s Book since 1993. A beautiful hardbound book containing professional photographs of children sponsored by parents, grandparents and community leaders.

Photographer Acknowledgment

The Charity Ball Association acknowledges with gratitude the work of the following photographers who participate in the Rotogravure or the Children’s Book and whose photographs may appear on this website:

2022 Children's Book

Children's Book Underwriters

The Charity Ball Association is grateful to the following friends for participating in the 2022 Children’s Book (formerly The Datebook).

Mallory and Stephen Ahl

Sara and John Ames

Marian Archer

Jan and Bob Marbut

Sue and Tommy Arnim

Mary and Kab Ballantyne

Catherine and Matt Bishop

Linda and Stephen Blount

Melissa and Warren Branch

Lynne Lahourcade Breuer

Pam and Bob Broadnax

Carla and John Brozovich

Jane Buchek

Alethea and Bruce Bugg

Michele and Randy Cadwallader

Stephanie and Presnall Cage

Carrie and Alan Catalani

Kelly and Stephen Cavender

Amanda and WB Cavender

Suzanne and Rick Cavender

Allyson Cavender

Circle Bar Foundation

Ann T. Coiner

Lori Conger

Hayley and Brent Conger

Bonnie and Berkley Dawson

Laura and Sam Dawson

Jeannie and Robert Dullnig

Christy Ebrom and Dan Henley

Gayle and Walter Embrey

Lynnette and Trey Embrey

Helen and Rob Eversberg

Rita and John Feik

Kelly and Carl Fellbaum


Kelly and Steven Fry

Joy and Triple Fuhrmann

Suzanne and Jimmy Goudge

Lynne and Peter Hennessey

Lilly and Alan Gretzinger

Susan and Wendell Hall

Susan and Will Hausser

Lee Anne and Stuart Hendry

Darcy and Peter Hoberman

Almeda and Ned Hodge

Kathy Hoermann

Nancy and Chuck Hollimon

Peggy and Dan Allen Hughes, Jr.

Jeanie Rabke Wyatt Family Foundation

Jefferson Bank / Jefferson Bank Trust & 1900 Wealth Management LLC

Nicole and Michael Johnson

Fabiola and Kevin Kaase

Jessie and Richard Kardys

Leslie and Tom Kingman

Virginia and Gary Koehl

Kim Lewis

Liza and Jack Lewis

Susan and Jimmy Loyd

Martha and Carlisle Maxwell

Sheila and Carter Mayfield

Mays Family Foundation

Nicole and Rob McClane

Lauren and Pete McLaughlin

Vicki Lee McLaughlin

Cynthia and Forrest Miller

Kristin and Dick Tips

Phyllis and William Monier

Diana Morehouse

Karen and Lee Mueller

Terrie and Jamie Musselman

National Charity League, San Antonio Rose Chapter

Carla and Danny Nelson

Ellen and Gerald O’Gorman, Jr.

Eleanor and Keith O’Gorman

Bonnie and Billy Osborn

Kim and Joey Peacock

Harriet and Dan Peavy

Laura and Clay Page

Eva and Ben Holliday

Corinna and JB Richter

Elizabeth and Barry Roberts

Elizabeth and Happy Rogers

Laurie and John Saunders

Briana Saussy

Sharon and Stuart Seal

Daniela and Antonio Serna IV

Marnie and Bart Simpson

Marie and Paul Smith

Sheryl and Blair Stouffer

Lynn and Thad W. Ziegler

Nelson, Wood, Gosdin and Associates- Merrill Lynch Private Banking

The Prestigious Mark/Amy and Ben Swaney

Trinity Flowers & Gifts

Shannon and Jon Turner

Tracy and Arnold Vardiman

Charity Ball Legacy Foundation

Betty and Mike Venson

Suzanne and Dick Wade

Peggy Walker and Myron East

Jeanie Wehmeyer

Karla and Jeff Wentworth

Amanda and Jim Williams

Tracy and Jack Williams

Sonya and Gene Williams

Christen and George Wommack

Barbara B. Wood

Ann and Forrest Word

Mary and Bob Worth

Jessica and Clint Worth

Mary and Bob Worth

Karen Lee and David Zachry