Our Leadership

Charity Ball Association

2023 Board of Directors

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Chairman of the Board
Lee Anne Hendry
Sharon Seal
Vice-President - Charities
Carrie Catalani
Vice President - Patrons
Cynthia Miller
Vice-President - Children's Book
Lilly Gretzinger
Vice-President - Decorations
Kim Peacock
Vice-President - Prizes
Courtney Percy
Vice-President - Reservations
Kathleen LeFlore
Vice-President - Rotogravure
Dottie Cooper
Marnie Simpson
Amy Swaney
Parliamentarian / Advisory Planning
Kelly Satel *
Event Coordinator
Nicole McClane **
Invitation Chairman
Mary Ballantyne **
Public Relations Chair
Sheila Mayfield **
Sponsor Chairman
Fabiola Kaase
Technology / Administration Chairman
Jeanie Wehmeyer **

* non-voting, appointed
** appointed

2023 Charity Ball Association

Elected Members At Large

Carl Fellbaum

Erik Hanson

Trish Hennessey

Katherine Hollimon

John LeFlore

Aimee Locke

Corinna Richter

George Scofield